Album Review: Malamorte – Hell For All (Rockshots Records)

Coming from ferocious Italian evil thrashers Malamorte, which is the side project of Alex Nunziati (Lord Vampyr, Cain, Nailed God, Shadowsreign, Sepolcrum, ex VII Arcano, ex Theatres des Vampires) is Hell for All. Telling tales of the occult, mysticism and more with a back drop of power, thrash and black metal, the band is offering their third full length via Rockshots Records on January 25th 2019 (Europe) and February 8th 2019 (North America).

Malamorte 2

The warhorn rings out and the sound of war commencing begins but it’s not a battle against human enemies. Instead horrifying and demonic sounds are heard implying that this is a battle for souls. Hyperbole? Not with tracks like Antichrist, Warriors of Hell and Holy or Unholy.

Malamorte may have made their name with black metal but this is an album rooted firmly in thrash. Traditional thrash with dirty groove, ferocious speed and a will to leave no-one standing.

Malmorte full few punches here, often focusing on guitar driven rhythm to help build towards the chunkier end of the metal scale. Hell for All is a fine example of this and the best track on the album thanks to this approach.

Elsewhere we get deliciously evil thrash nastiness with a slight sprinkling of cheese in regards to the lyrics such as those that are found on Son. Regardless, this is a banger of an album that will please old-school and new-school thrash fans alike.

Malamorte 1

Malamorte – Hell For All Full Track Listing:

1. Advent
2. Antichrist
3. Warriors of Hell
4. Holy or Unholy
5. Mother
6. Hell For All
7. Son
8. The Worshippers of Evil
9. Satan’s Slave
10. God is Nothing

You can order the album via Rockshots Records here. Keep up to date with news/find out more by checking out Malamorte’s website and Facebook Page.

Malamorte - Hell For All (Rockshots Records)
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