Game Review: Swing Copters (Mobile – Free to Play)

A free to play game from the creator of Flappy Bird, remember that game? Well it turns out you can’t replicate that success twice. Swing Copters is horrible & in no way addictive. In fact after 2 minutes of playing I put it down & forgot about it for months until recently.

The premise is the same…tap to get a high score. Try again over & over again, that’s your lot.

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This time you control some sort of helicopter hybrid thing that automatically floats upwards. The copter automatically moves to the side & tapping the screen will send the copter to the other side. Swinging hammers act as your obstacles & you have to guide the copter through the gaps.

It’s not fun & it is surprisingly tough compared to Flappy Bird.

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I was pretty forgiving in my review here of Flappy Bird. I understood how addictive it could be especially for a certain age group. It made its creator a load of money but the guy has gotten greedy now. This is barely a game that holds none of Flappy Bird’s addictiveness.

It’s got online leaderboards which is something I guess & you can pay 69p to remove ads. Fantastic…

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I’ve got no time for this…Flappy Bird spawned hundreds of clones on the App Store & this just feels like another. Desperate cash-in that could never replicate the success of the creators original idea.

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Swing Copters
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