Album Review: Lurk – Fringe (Transcending Obscurity Records)

Wistful and mysterious, Lurk play music that is just as interesting and multi-faceted as their cover artwork. Blending elements of doom, black and death metal into their astounding sludge template, the Finnish band is taking their sound in ways hitherto unheard. Their new album, Fringe will be released on August 5th 2018 via Transcending Obscurity Records.



It’s that blending of elements that make themselves known straight away on Ostrakismos. The raw bleakness of the doom gelling with the rougher black metal rhythm nicely. The volume builds towards a deep and dark sounding slab of sludge making this a very memorable start.

If that’s wasn’t heavy enough for you somehow then Tale Blade and Elan will give you all the booming noise you could hope for. The methodical pace delivering a bastardised version of doom and sludge.

Not that it’s all slow doom as the likes of Offshoot bring a much more death-based sound with flashes of speed and Furrow is crusty around the edges like sores that haven’t quite healed.

Lurk are the thing hiding in the swampy waters. That ripple you see? That’s Nether looking to drag you down into the gloomy cold. Struggle as you might, the grip of the murky riffs are impossible to escape from.

If you do manage to kick your way free you’ll only end up exhausted as Proteus Syndrome launches a scathing attack of fuzzy doom your way. Lay down and give up to the rumbling bass lines.

Fringe has managed to do something pretty incredible. Not just a heavy doom/sludge but one with an inordinate amount of rhythmic blackness which occasionally steps into death metal territory too. Every minute of it is a lesson in darkness.

Lurk – Fringe Full Track Listing:

1. Ostrakismos
2. Tale Blade
3. Reclaim
4. Elan
5. Offshoot
6. Furrow
7. Nether
8. Proteus Syndrome

You can order the album via Bandcamp in a number of formats and via Transcending Obscurity Records here. Find out more by liking Lurk’s Facebook Page here.


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Lurk - Fringe (Transcending Obscurity Records)
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