Album Review: Lost Domain – …In the Waiting Room of Death (Violent Groove)

Lost Domain are a Swedish based power metal/progressive metal band fronted by Romanian singer Catalina Leonte. Drawing influences from early Kamelot, In Flames and Katatonia, they have announced that their debut full-length album ‘…In the Waiting Room of Death’ will be released on May 18th worldwide via Violent Groove.

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Blending powerful female vocals with bombastic metal, Lost Domain kick their impressive debut off with a bang. Silent Cry is a booming track that feels so very power metal but with plenty more oomph. It gets the blood-pumping and the head-banging.

The same hefty punches delivered by the instruments is present throughout resulting in a really deep sound. Backed up by great vocals, it makes …In the Waiting Room of Death a really appealing listen. An album that is easy to put on and just lose yourself in.

It’s impossible to not want to bang your head to the likes of Beneath the Bridge, Resistance is Futile and In Your Eyes. Tracks that exude power.

Although it’s mostly fast-paced metal, Desolé shows off a more sombre and soft side of the band. Subtle melody adds a dark layer to Catalina Leonte wonderful vocals and even when the tempo is increased it doesn’t lose the emotional edge it has.

Nearing the end of the album, the momentum continues with killer drumming and fantastic guest vocals from Bjorn Strid on the excellent Rebellious Angel.

An awesome slab of power metal!

Lost Domain 1

Lost Domain – …In the Waiting Room of Death Full Track Listing:

1. Another Day
2. Silent Cry
3. Beneath the Bridge
4. Indicium
5. Resistance is Futile
6. Desolé
7. In Your Eyes
8. Rebellious Angel (feat. Bjorn Strid)
9. Rise of Isolash
10. …In the Waiting Room of Death

Check out the video for Silent Cry below.

Find out more about Lost Domain via their websiteFacebook Page, Twitter and Instagram. You can pick up earlier releases/new singles via Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play and via Apple Music below.

Lost Domain - ...In the Waiting Room of Death (Violent Groove)
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