Album Review: Lonesome – To Myself, From Myself (Self Released)

A five-piece band from Peterborough, UK, Lonesome create a very particular brand of post-rock which ebbs and flows.

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At the heart of it, their debut release—To Myself, From Myself—is a concept album. It’s a letter written in a positive state of mind to a younger self, referring back to a point in life where the reader felt trapped and struggled to see a future for themselves. It’s a record full of comfort and promise, from a present self with the experience of getting through the hard times.

“People listen to music for all different reasons, but we want people to listen to our records and feel something real,” continues Kerr-Gray. “We see writing music as a way of helping people with life. Trying to help them out of a dark place. Music is the one thing in the world that can change the mood of anyone. Fans who like your band will listen to your message and take that to heart, and that’s an important thing to think about when you’re making music.”

To Myself, From Myself is released on the 26th April 2019.

To Myself, From Myself is a chilled out record, relaxing and melodic with emotive highs and pretty pathways. Lonesome’s style of post rock is sweet and light, plenty of memorable guitar rhythms, plenty of catchy hooks and plenty of touching epic moments.

To Myself is a really uplifting start and while Remember has a more sombre beat, it still pulls at the soul. A pair of tracks that really show off the post talents of Lonesome.

The interestingly titled ; comes next and is slightly oppressive, slightly eerie but quite haunting. At first it seems like a waste but it slowly starts to come together in a wonderful and beautiful way. By the end I was head over heels in love with this track.

The subtle touches amongst rockier riffs and heavier hooks is what really makes this an outstanding release. Especially as post has a tendency to get a little flavourless as it goes on. That’s not the case with Lonesome’s Be Strong and In the Heart You Have as each is kept fairly concise.

It’s a wonderful record and the band can hold their heads up proudly as they close out in tear-jerking style with From Myself.

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Lonesome – To Myself, From Myself Full Track Listing:

1. To Myself
2. Remember
3. ;
4. Be Strong
5. In the Heart You Have
6. From Myself



Album order links and more information can be found over on Lonesome’s website. You can also check them out on Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram.

Lonesome - To Myself, From Myself (Self Released)
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