Album Review: Lesbian Bed Death – The Witching Hour (Psychophonic Records)

The Witching Hour is the seventh studio album from UK Gothic Punk/Hard Rock band Lesbian Bed Death. Known for their love of horror movies and theatrics, the band are back with their best album so far. It was crowdfunded by their fans from across the world. Released on guitarist, Mr Peach’s own label, Lesbian Bed Death remain an independent band, making music on their own terms. The Witching Hour will also be the final album to feature vocalist, Luci4.

Those lucky enough to have pre-ordered it will have their hands on it already. Everyone else? The release date is September 4th, 2021.

A guaranteed good time, Lesbian Bed Death have a stellar reputation on the UK underground scene and this new album is only going to help that. Especially when you kick things off with the killer hard rocking track, The Scorpion. A track filled with energy, the chorus is super catchy and it has that gothic undercurrent (wicked synth here) that Lesbian Bed Death showcase so well.

It’s then quite a nice surprise to get something with a bit more of a heavy bite in the forms of Breakfast at Tisphone’s and Sabrina. Both punch hard, but also have melodies and kick-ass choruses if you’re after that Lesbian Bed Death touch. The latter is also one dripping in horror vibes as The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina serves as inspiration.

Forgot the heavy though, it’s time to get the eye-liner on and get down to the local goth club for the floor-filler bounce-along that is the title track. Stupidly catchy, this is Lesbian Bed Death looking to their past for an entertaining goth-infused track. Both new and old fans will absolutely love this one.

It just gets better though with the horror punk wildness of Bring Out Your Dead (a live singalong if ever there was one), the thick guitar groove of Toxic and bassy hook of Mirror Demon.

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This is Lesbian Bed Death at their best, that much is clear. Every member of the band sounds on point and you can tell this was a very inspired period of writing for the band. It’s reflected in song after song that you immediately fall in love with. The next one is your favourite then the next one and then the next one.

Talking of which… Molly Leigh. A blistering punk effort based around an old Stoke ghost story. It’s so animated, it will make the dead move. Before Vampires’ dark sexiness (so very much like a vampire) arrives to entrance. Super gothic, mellow with a touch of emotion. The powerful chorus burst shows just how strong the vocals are but you already know that.

Getting bored? As if such a thing was possible. Just listen to the doomy riff that dominates Chucky. A heavy metal track about everyone’s favourite killer doll. Or the foot-tapping, head-banging hooks and bassy thrums of the sleazy Sugar-Coated Terror.

Missing the uber goth sounds? Relax, the poppy goth-synth Tears of the Gods is utterly absurd for just how much fun it is. A track that has no right being as good as it is. Following that is no easy task, but the beastly epic that is Thirteen Steps to the Gallows and the chorus-driven catchy hard rock Devil Woman ensure things go out with a thumping bang.

There isn’t a bad song on here. What a fantastic job Lesbian Bed Death have done. This will be getting repeated plays throughout the year and the sooner everyone can hear it and give this band the props they deserve, the better.

Lesbian Bed Death – The Witching Hour Full Track Listing:

1. The Scorpion
2. Breakfast At Tisphone’s
3. Sabrina
4. The Witching Hour
5. Bring Out Your Dead
6. Toxic
7. Mirror Demon
8. Molly Leigh
9. Vampires
10. Chucky
11. Sugar-Coated Terror
12. Tears of the Gods
13. Thirteen Steps to the Gallows
14. Devil Woman


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Lesbian Bed Death - The Witching Hour (Psychophonic Records)
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