Album Review: Led By Lanterns – Paralysis (Self Released)

UK rock band Led by Lanterns are ready to make a difference with their debut album Paralysis, due for self-release on the 28th January 2022.

Paralysis welcomes some familiar faces, featuring collaborations with Softcult’s Mercedes Arn-Horn, Trash Boat’s Tobi Duncan and WAVED. Lyrically, it explores mental health and its many forms. The album is inspired by the situations that leave you feeling powerless, being trapped in your own body and mind, unable to reach out to those around you.

The first of three guests make their appearance on the upbeat, bouncy and catchy opener, Alive. Trash Boat’s Tobi Duncan adding his range to a melodramatic slice of alternative rock that is sure to become a live fan favourite.

The combination of rocking energy, powerful and heartfelt vocals, unusual but captivating electronica, and massive choruses is what makes this album such a strong listen. It’s what drives the title track, makes the poppier lyrics of DXWN sound so much grander, makes Criminal a ball of groovy energy with a brief blast of heaviness, and Disconnected a track that you can dance too.

WAVED is the next guest and helps turn Six Feet Under into a moodier number even if it still features the infectious bounce that is Led by Lanterns’ calling card.

Catacombs’ is one for those who like Led by Lanterns to add some snarl to their alt-rock sound. The most ‘metal’ track on the album, the instrumentation and vocals are fiery as hell here but once again, the chorus is pure catchy gold. Though there can be no complaints with the low-tempo sing-along Satellite or massive chorus of Fever either.

One last guest, Mercedes Arn-Horn features heavily on the finale, Good Enough. A track that exudes emotion but also provides a strong sense of hope. The lyrics, the vocals, the soft melodies… it’s a beautiful closer that puts a big smile on the face.

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What makes Paralysis such a special album is simply the heart and soul of it. It’s Led by Lanterns throwing their all into this debut, exposing themselves and showing the world that they’re not afraid to talk about difficult things. That this is expressed through an album of super-catchy and memorable alt-rock just makes it all the more enjoyable.

Led by Lanterns – Paralysis Full Track Listing:

1. Alive (feat. Tobi Duncan)
2. Paralysis
4. Criminal
5. Disconnected
6. Six Feet Down (feat. WAVED)
7. Catacombs
8. Satellite
9. Fever
10. Good Enough (feat. Mercedes Arn-Horn)


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Led By Lanterns - Paralysis (Self Released)
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