Album Review: Leatherjacks – The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll (Self Released)

Hailing from Sao Paulo in Brazil, Leatherjacks are the brainchild of Mauro Cordeiro. Singer, writer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, he created the project that fuses the best of modern hard rock with the best of traditional heavy metal.

They released their debut album, The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll on April 18th 2017. An album that was totally written, arranged, produced, recorded (voices and all instruments) and mixed by the visionary mastermind that is Mauro Cordeiro.

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All about the hard rock good vibes, The Lost Arks Of Rock and Roll is traditional, familiar and massively good fun. A catchy opener, People (We’re Chosen Ones) has just the right amount of sleaze before Crocodile’s Heart and Burning Wire deliver foot-tapping beats and wickedly good guitar solos.

Consistent quality riffing, deep rock groove, grin-inducing heaviness and a old-school hard rock vocals makes The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll tick along nicely. Even when going for a more mellow approach such as on Emotions on Sale or the instrumental Motocross, it never lacks excitement.

The latter part of the album has some of the best tracks on the album though. Do You Fucking Pay My Bills? is a middle finger filled with snarl and the title track is a fist-pumping finale that confirms what you should already know, Leatherjacks rock!

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Leatherjacks – The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll Full Track Listing:

1. People (We’re Chosen Ones)
2. Crocodile’s Heart
3. Burning Wire
4. Leatherjacks
5. Emotions on Sale
6. The Slammer
7. Do You Fucking Pay My Bills?
8. Motocross (Instrumental)
9. The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll (Believe in Yourself)

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You can pick up the album and more via Leatherjacks’ website. You can also stream via Spotify and Apple Music below. Find out more via their Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and watch videos on YouTube.


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Leatherjacks - The Lost Arks of Rock and Roll (Self Released)
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