Album Review: Lamassu – Into the Empty (Self Released)

Australian heavy rockers Lamassu will release their debut full-length album Into the Empty on September 2nd 2019.  This collective of musicians features members of Motherslug, Field, Borrachero, and Olmeg, all stalwarts of the Melbourne stoner/doom scene.

Taking the methodical approach, Lamassu keep their glacial rhythm tight and with depth for opener Chokehold Companion. The doomy riffs backed up by some powerful vocals. Flow continues that but is a lot lighter, more rock based and has a tempo that could almost encourage foot-tapping! It’s still mightly mellow but with some booming guitars to give it that extra edge.

Having got attentions, Lamassu then start to really stretch themselves with Killing Someone’s old-school hard rocking, bass intensity and bursts of riff flavoured music. Control is just as impactful as the stoner vibrations echo throughout the mind, the lovely clean vocals exude power and the guitars twist and turn taking us on a journey akin to a roller coaster.

The huge expansive sounds heard so far are far from over. Lamassu don’t do short and simple as the following Failed and Under the Watch of A Crow can attest too. The former adds some uncomfortable fuzz to the guitars while keeping things mellow at both the start and the end. Everything else in between is familiar Lamassu. While the latter skirts the stoner/doom line impressively. Heavy as a boulder dropped on your head at times while at others it’s as light as having a bag of feathers thrown at you.

If you find yourself beginning to zone out under the onslaught of Lamassu, fear not, it’s coming to an end. Just with one last filth-covered riffy effort in the form of I Die. An exceptionally strong track, it’s worth wading through the murk to reach it as it is the standout moment of an album that is worth every minute of your time.

Lamassu – Into the Empty Full Track Listing:

1. Chokehold Companion
2. Flow
3. Killing Someone
4. Control
5. Failed
6. Under the Watch of A Crow
7. I Die




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Lamassu - Into the Empty (Self Released)
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