Album Review: Lady Beast – Vicious Breed (Cruz Del Sur Music)

The new album from thrash/traditional (NWOBHM style) metal band Lady Beast is called Vicious Breed. It will be released on November 17th 2017 via Cruz Del Sur Music.

Lady Beast 1

Led by the charismatic vocalist, Deborah Levine, Lady Beast delivers pulse-pounding heaviness & metal anthems across eight tracks. Opening with Seal the Hex’s catchy guitar rhythm that leads into a classic metal tempo alongside a wicked snarling vocal attack. It’s an attention grabbing start that a serious statement of intent.

Lady Beast are having all kinds of fun throwing out harmonic guitar riffs, bold solos & hard metal rhythm. The Way, Lone Hunter & Get Out are head-banging up-tempo numbers that put smiles on faces. While Always with Me & Sky Graves take a more rock ballady route giving off a nice feel-good vibe. Although the latter has a much meatier sound.

The highlight of the album comes with the hard-rocking riffing of Every Giant Shall Fall. The no nonsense approach to delivering fun & catchy rhythm makes for an impressive listen.

If the album has a flaw it’s that it won’t live long in the memory. It’s a solid & respectable metal entry with flashes of brilliance but lacks the big hook needed to really make it standout.

Lady Beast 2

Lady Beast – Vicious Breed Full Track Listing:

1. Seal the Hex
2. The Way
3. Lone Hunter
4. Always With Me
5. Get Out
6. Every Giant Shall Fall
7. Sky Graves
8. Vicious Breed

Pick up the album via Cruz Del Sur Music here & pick up Lady Beast’s earlier music via Bandcamp here. You can find out much more about the band via their website & via Facebook.


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Lady Beast - Vicious Breed (Cruz Del Sur Music)
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