Album Review: Kirra – Redefine (Eclipse Records)

Kirra is an alternative metal band from Oklahoma City, U.S.A. The band has toured nationwide on dozens of high-profile tours supporting the likes of Sevendust, Nothing More, and Saving Abel just to name a few.

Redefine is the band’s third album, and it contains an earful of seventeen melodious active rock anthems. It will be released on the 31st January 2020 via Eclipse Records!

There’s something quite daunting when you see an album has 17 tracks and is over an hour long. That’s a decent chunk of time to invest in an artist’s music so it better be worth it. So with Korea’s Redefine the question is, is it worth the investment?

That’s going to be down to personal taste more then anything. Kirra sell themselves as an alternative metal band and the important word there is ‘alternative’ as Kirra aren’t a band that you can pigeon hole easily. Across the 17 tracks on show here they take the listener on a journey made up of downbeat gruff rockiness, mournful melodies, energetic anthems and more. All without a moment wasted as it turns out that Redefine couldn’t be any shorter.

Only as the final melodious groove and power of Potential is expunged does it make sense that Kirra’s Redefine had to be this many tracks and this long. The band has a lot to say and be damned to an audience more used to getting everything in bite-sized chunks.

So is it worth the investment?

Music that causes a myriad of emotions and delves deeply into just what a band can produce when their imagination is running wild. Tracks like The Ideal, Intergrate, I Didn’t Know and Free bridging the gap between eclectic and popular radio rock tunes. It can be a fascinating experience at times. Not all the time unfortunately as a handful fail to spark much in the way of excitement or intrigue.

So is it worth the investment?

In my opinion, yes it is just so you can make up your own mind in regards to Kirra. Is this work of geniuses or is it a collection of good songs with far too much padding?

Kirra – Redefine Full Track Listing:

1. Descent
2. Pull You Out
3. Brooding
4. The Ideal
5. Integrate
6. Assimilate
7. I Didn’t Know
8. Blind
9. Ascent
10. Caving In
11. Passageway
12. Huxley’s Warning
13. Free
14. Prophet
15. Shattered
16. Waking Up
17. Potential


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Kirra - Redefine (Eclipse Records)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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