Album Review: Kill Strings – Limbo (MNRK Music Group)

German rock duo Kill Strings (vocalist and guitarist Lee, and drummer David) will release their debut album ‘Limbo’ on the 23rd of September via MNRK.

You don’t have to go far to read the comparisons being made between Kill Strings and the likes of Foo Fighters and Muse. Yet, when you listen to them and this full album, it becomes abundantly clear that they are very much their own thing. A talented thing when you consider, they’re just a two-piece.

From the eccentric and dramatic to the punchy and energetic to the catchy and commanding, Kill Strings deliver a bevy of appealing hits on Limbo. Music with wide and varied appeal, the duo really hit their stride with the second track on the album, Let Me Dream. Bringing some vigour to their rock sound following the melodic urgency of opener Whatever It Takes.

It just gets better from this point too as Defiance combines the two sides impressively. Melodic passion and foot-tapping rock energy; there is a bit more bite to the guitar and the vocals soar in the chorus. Whereas In Motion is a little weirder and a little wilder (those Muse comparisons are notable here), and Orange Lilies takes us to the halfway point with earnest aplomb.

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The second half of the album continues the flow of rocking sensations with the erratic groove of Black Gold. The riffs are particularly infectious here. Before Monster hits that’s little harder thanks to the hard-hitting bursts of guitar and the thumping drum beat. The peppiness of the chorus balanced by the drama of the vocals.

Shining Star then hits a melodic high, the fragile guitar tone met by soulful vocals and a soft pitter-patter of drums. Up until the chorus, which sees Kill Strings explode with passion. While many will find the Foo Fighters comparisons notable here, there’s a touch of The Smashing Pumpkins here too.

The penultimate track is Navigation and sees Kill Strings bring the energy with one of their more upbeat rhythms. Followed then by the powerful and groovy finale of Evermore, one last massive hit for this duo. The final stamp on an album that has mass appeal written all over it.

If this is your first experience of Kill Strings, it becomes abundantly clear over the album’s runtime how and why they have managed to capture the imagination of so many people already. The comparisons, while fair, are not the most important aspect of the band though. They are definitely doing their own thing and it’s something that will only see them grow and grow.

Kill Strings – Limbo Full Track Listing:

1. Whatever It Takes
2. Let Me Dream
3. Defiance
4. In Motion
5. Orange Lilies
6. Black Gold
7. Monster
8. Shining Star
9. Navigation
10. Evermore


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Kill Strings - Limbo (MNRK Music Group)
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