Album Review: Kesem – Post-Terra (Sentient Recordings)

Hailing from Los Angeles, Kesem, originally formed in 2018. Meaning “magic” in Hebrew, the band’s name aptly summarises their sound. Inspired by the progressive and psychedelic, with some added punk rock influences. Their new album, ‘Post-Terra’, will be released on September 24th, 2021 via Sentient Recordings and follows the release of their self-titled EP in April 2020.

A bit of a mind-fuck, Kesem’s blend of 70’s style psychedelia, progressive wildness and punk-rock infused energy is certainly unique sounding. Post-Terra is also a grower, the puzzled look that it lives on faces transforming into joy the more time spent with it.

There is something absurdly brilliant about this record. At times it is flabbergasting in just how eclectic it is (No Future), then are other times when it delivers insane bouts of punk-rock that get the body shaking and grooving (We Will Be Ready) and then there are times when it is downright beautifully mellow and intricate (Let Go). A constant source of fascination, many will fall madly in love with this band on the strength of the first few tracks alone.



There’s lightness and wacky fun (Headfirst into the Void), there’s darkness (The Tyrant), there are tracks that combine all of that perfectly (When the Stars Cave In and Drifting Through Time). No matter what you prefer, there’s no arguing with just how consistently and confidently Kesem assail the mind with their brand of personalised insanity.

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Thankfully it’s not too long, as there’s only so much of this a person can take. Ending their nuttiness with a bit of an epic Called the Light from Distant Moons. Where the sci-fi feel meets distortion and rocking psychosis in glorious style.

Kesem – Post-Terra Full Track Listing:

1. No Future
2. We Will Be Ready
3. Let Go
4. When The Stars Cave In
5. Headfirst Into The Void
6. Starbirth
7. The Tyrant
8. Drifting Through Time
9. The Light From Distant Moons


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Kesem - Post-Terra (Sentient Recordings)
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