Album Review: Zeromancer – Orchestra Of Knives (Trisol Music Group)

Norwegian electro rock stalwarts Zeromancer return after an eight-year gap between records to unveil their brand-new album, Orchestra of Knives. Out on the 24th September 2021 via Trisol Music Group.

Eight years is a long time but anyone who knows Zeromancer knows that, like a fine-wine, time only makes them better. Orchestra of Knives is the electro-rock unit refreshed and moving forward as they dish out equal amounts of lightness and darkness. Warped by foreboding sensations, touching vibrations, throbbing industrial groove, severe electronica and elevating melodies.

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From the moment the very moody, very heartfelt but very catchy combination of Testimonial and Damned Le Monde ring out, you know you’re in for an experience. An experience that creates feelings, be them dark or light ones, the point is you will feel.

The energetic industrial beat, synth and melodramatic vocals makes Transparency a firm favourite before Mourners truly pulls on the heart-strings. The melodies are simply beautiful but it is an energy sapper.

Birthday doesn’t quite bring it back up but we’re heading in the right direction with its moody tempo increase. However, Terminal Love’s love-induced burst of heavy electronica, rock and keyboard melodies brings things back up in style. A smile-inducing track that will have most singing along loudly.

Oozing with dark industrial vibes is Worth Less Than Deutsche Marks to Me and the title track to make the mind sink just a little bit. Before Stand on Ceremony really shows just how dark Zeromancer can be while still exuding such power.

The exhilarating return of Zeromancer is completed with the thumping industrial heaviness of San Zero proving once and for all that this band are still on top of their game.

Zeromancer – Orchestra of Knives Full Track Listing:

1. Testimonial
2. Damned Le Monde
3. Transparency
4. Mourners
5. Birthday
6. Terminal Love
7. Worth Less Than Deutsche Marks To Me
8. Orchestra Of Knives
9. Stand On Ceremony
10. San Zero


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Zeromancer - Orchestra Of Knives (Trisol Music Group)
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