Album Review: Kabbalah – Spectral Ascent (Twin Earth Records)

On July 7th 2017, Kabbalah will release their new album Spectral Ascent via Twin Earth Records. An album filled with psychedelic & 70’s retro rock sound, Spectral Ascent is one of the most unique albums of the year.

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There’s a really interesting style of progressive occult rock with an almost exotic feel to it throughout Spectral Ascent. No expectations can really prepare you for Resurrected, an opening song that really comes as a surprise. It’s not the most exciting of starts but that passes with the excellently atmospheric Phantasmal Planetoid.

A sexy bassy sound here with smart use of effects. The softly sung vocals work perfectly with the grandness on show here. While the up tempo rockier sound of The Darkest End offers something fresher & just as exciting.

Vocally it comes across a bit Ghost-like at times but not in such a way that it will affect how you feel about Kabbalah if you’re not a fan of Ghost. Anytime it just isn’t hitting right it makes up for it with some killer riffing, melody or bouncy beat such as on Dark Revelation.

There is a lot of imagination in this band & on this album. Spectral Ascent is a fascinating listen, an addictive listen, even if it doesn’t always wow. It helps that a lot of the songs are short & punchy numbers.

The longer it goes on, the better it gets culminating in the best two tracks of the album. Filled with sultry psychedelic riffs & catchy hooks, The Shadow & Presence are confirmation of the quality throughout Spectral Ascent. It’s such a unique listen with such a unique style, everyone that enjoys rock music should really give this a listen. It’s not going to be for everyone but it will certainly get the mind’s juices following.

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Kabbalah – Spectral Ascent Full Track Listing:

1. Spectral Ascent
2. Resurrected
3. Phantasmal Planetoid
4. The Darkest End
5. The Reverend
6. The Darkness of…
7. Dark Revelation
8. The Shadow
9. Presence

You can pick up Phantasmal Planetoid now over on Bandcamp as well as earlier music. You can keep up to date with Kabbalah on Facebook as listen to some of their music on YouTube.

Kabbalah - Spectral Ascent (Twin Earth Records)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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