EP Review: Joy – Of Nothing (Blood & Ink Records)

This 5 track EP opens with the squeal of guitars before launching itself headfirst into the an intense blasting beat that shows off some the catchy elements of the hardcore scene. The EP is a raw sounding affair with the vocals sounding throat-shreddingly nasty.

The distorted guitars make for an interesting listen, it can make it difficult to identify individual songs especially as each one leads into the next. It’s a cool idea as it feels like you’re listening to one full track that changes direction several times. The sound Joy have created helps them stand out from the pack with Hope Less being a particular strong song.

Intense, but with moments where the pace is dropped allowing you to catch your breath before the next eruption. Every time you think you’ve got a handle on what the EP is offering it changes things.

It’s about 10 minutes in length, over before you even know it & leaving you wanting much more. A band well worth keeping an eye on.

Overall Track List:

1. Tear Me Down
2. Shame
3. Hope Less
4. Lose Myself
5. Cut to the Nerve

Joy - Of Nothing (Blood & Ink Records)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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