Album Review: Itheist – Itheist (Self Released)

Itheist (formerly Aetherium Mors) is a UK-based extreme metal band formed by multi-instrumentalist Dan Couch and vocalist / lyricist Kane Nelson, with roots tracing back to 2004.

Now with the recently completed self-titled full-length debut album ready to unleash, Itheist is ready to enter a new phase of existence and creativity. With songwriter Dan’s involvement in multiple musical projects over the years (including Black/Death Metal band Carcinoma and Black/Thrash band Holodomor among others) making a marked impression on his writing style, the new album brings together blackened melody with dissonance, creating a unique style of Extreme Metal.

Elements of classic bands such as Death, Carcass and Dissection collide with more experimental bands such as Akercocke, Ulcerate and Gorguts, but without compromising Itheist’s own identity.

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The wind howls uncomfortably chilling to the bone and the ringing guitars does little to warm the soul. Instead the off-kilter screeches of strings is like the realisation that death comes on these winds. Slow and methodical, the black metal vocals offer no respite. The sound of demonic hate and horror. All of this experienced in the first few minutes of opener Outcast before it goes in for the kill with a burst of blackened death brutality.

The violent and furious attack is continued into the roaring Mighty Father of Rebellion. Here many will be able to draw parallels to the likes of Behemoth, at least their formative years.

The evilness of Itheist isn’t coy, it’s happy to slither right up and offer carnal delights if only you’ll give your soul over. Something that is far easier to do once the likes of Guardian of Baphomet erupts. The cold is gone to be replaced with flames.

Belial Unbound is one of the riffiest tracks of the album, Horned One drips with sour threat built on chanting vocals and Infernal Insurrection is out and out extreme metal, no nonsense heaviness.

After such a scathing set of tracks, mercy might be needed but won’t be given as Neter Amon continues to push the aggression forward. A contemptuous listen, the fiery fury is only lessened by some catchy guitar hooks.

Relief is near though as the album comes to a close with Mankind in Extremis and Suffering in Existence. The former delivering a wonderful cacophony of deafening riffs and the latter a moody, darkness covered return to the freezing cold.

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Itheist – Itheist Full Track Listing:

1. Outcast
2. Mighty Father of Rebellion
3. Guardian of Baphomet
4. Belial Unbound
5. Horned One
6. Infernal Insurrection
7. Neter Amon
8. Mankind in Extremis
9. Suffering in Existence




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Itheist - Itheist (Self Released)
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