Album Review: Ironed Out – We Move As One (GSR Entertainment)

Ironed Out formed in 2014 with the aim to bring something a little bit different to the London hardcore scene. With grime influenced vocals and melodic themes sitting alongside hard riffs and angry lyrics, it’s safe to say that aim has been achieved.

Featuring members who have fought the hardcore cause as part of the LBU for many years, including Wema of the legendary Knuckledust, Ironed Out embody everything that hardcore should be: passion, honesty, integrity and raw agression.

October 16th 2020 sees the release of their full-length album, We Move As One via GSR Entertainment.

This is a mean record, although you wouldn’t know it from the Intro. A light and melodramatic start, its sweet and reflective melodies hit home. It’s just a precursor though to the challenging chaos that follows. The spitting, snarling and out-spoken beast that is the majority of this album.

Mixing hardcore groove and rhythm with grime style vocals, the alternative heaviness of what Ironed Out do here is certainly attention grabbing. They’re angry but it’s not misplaced anger and that is portrayed strongly throughout.

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If metal fans are put off by the ‘grime’ tag that is being attached, fear not. This is a hardcore album through and through, it’s just Ironed Out trying something different in a genre that doesn’t really allow much in the way of variation. Do they succeed?

Mostly, with early offerings like Pavement Strong, Ain’t Raw and ACAB sitting strongly alongside later hard hitters like Our Struggles Don’t Count and the title track. It’s only the odd dud that stops We Move As One being an instant classic. Still, Ironed Out have effectively nailed the combo of grime and hardcore. A lot of people are going to enjoy this!

Ironed Out – We Move As One Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Pavement Strong
3. Crazy Old World
4. Ain’t Raw
5. Pagans
7. Setting In
8. All Hope Is Lost
9. Our Struggles Don’t Count
10. Stranger Than Fiction
11. 6 Weeks
12. We Move As One




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Ironed Out - We Move As One (GSR Entertainment)
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