Album Review: Intricated – Apocalyptic Metamorphosis (Comatose Music)

Thailand’s masters of complex brutality, Intricated are gearing up to release their latest tome of bludgeoning, blasting brutality. Called ‘Apocalyptic Metamorphosis’, it is out on December 10th, 2021 via Comatose Music.

Every time you think you’ve heard enough savagery this year, along comes another record to remind you that BDM never gets old. Intricated want to end 2021 in horrific, eye-watering, stomach-churning and ear-bleeding fashion. This is the embodiment of annihilation, the sound of revulsion and disgust, the shaking sensation of a spreading sickness.

Nine tracks and an intro are all you need. Such is the vehement approach of Intricated and the absolute mind-bashing their brand of extreme delivers. A lot of this might sound par for the course if you’re a regular listener of brutal death metal. However, what moves Intricated up to a different level is the technical complexities of their sound.

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Here we have controlled and intricate viciousness. This is no slamming of instruments as hard as possible; it’s perfectly and succinctly planned out. Though be under no false impressions, Intricated start heavy and fast and do not let up. It is akin to a tidal wave of noise washing over you. However, in and amongst the chaos, is dregs that have also been caught up.

You’ll find yourself slammed up against bone-crunching rocks and into razor sharp wire and immediately think of the guitars and drums. You’ll find yourself desperately choking for air and think of the guttural vocals. Occasionally you’ll get your head above water and see the devastation created by Intricated’s Apocalyptic Metamorphosis.

It’s an album that embodies brutal death metal.

Intricated – Apocalyptic Metamorphosis Full Track Listing:

1. The Sixth Invisible Light of the Unobserved Heterogeneity Dimension
2. Ruthless Domination
3. Impaling the Emperor
4. Summoning the Abyzou
5. An Experimentation of Genocide (Unit 731)
6. Flagitious Meditation
7. The Manifest of Apocalyptic Variation
8. Enigmatic Portal of Demise
9. Interdimensional Being…
10. Iniquitous Creatures


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Intricated - Apocalyptic Metamorphosis (Comatose Music)
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