Album Review: Pyrexia – Gravitas Maximus (Unique Leader)

Legendary brutal death metallers Pyrexia return with new album Gravitas Maximus. Now entering their fourth decade, the quintet returns, heavier and stronger than ever, proving once again to be one the most important forces in extreme music. Gravitas Maximus will be released on December 10th, 2021 via Unique Leader Records.

Stand back and listen all you current BDM wannabes, a legendary band is back to show you just how it is done.

Dating back to 1990, Pyrexia have been grinding this axe for a very long time and they’re certainly not losing any of their enthusiasm or fury as the decades roll on. With enough reason to rage in 2021 then possibly ever before, Pyrexia are spitting absolute fire here.

Beginning with a choice soundbite from everyone’s favourite possession movie, The Exorcist. We Are Many comes screaming out of hell to spread wickedness throughout the world. The power of Christ compels something, but it seems to be the power of Satan that compels Pyrexia here. Brutal? What else would you expect?

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Apostles to the Grave continues the lack of sugar-coating with a track that is pure and unbridled aggression. The crashing of instruments, the filthy and guttural growls, the slight but clever tone shifts… it is a shovel wrapped around your head.

The short, sharp and painful beatings continue as The Day the Earth Shook (Survival of the Fittest) reveals darker guitar chunkiness. However, the tempo is still frantic and horrifying. Something that continues into the absolute madness that is Pawn to King. Somehow Pyrexia get faster and even more savage sounding. The screaming and squealing guitar solo and filthy breakdown is enough to make you vomit.

A brief layering of horror (Texas Chainsaw referencing) at the start of The Art of Infamy momentarily unsettles things but it quickly descends into Pyrexia’s head-smashing and body-crushing brand of BDM. The sound of a chainsaw adds a ton of blood & guts to this track, making it one of the more intense listens on an album that is wall to wall intensity.

Does it get any easier to listen to with Rule of 2 and Bludgeoned by Deformity? Absolutely not but no-one is going to be hoping it does. Pyrexia are delivering a masterclass in brutal death metal. Combining horror with heaviness and using all their skills to make it sound like the most destructive thing you’ll hear all year.

Though there is only so much that a person can take so it is with some relief that the album comes to an end with the title track. One last short face-blasting, flesh-rendering and bone-wrenching hit.

Pyrexia are called legends for a reason.

Pyrexia – Gravitas Maximus Full Track Listing:

1. We are Many
2. Apostles to the Grave
3. The Day the Earth Shook (Survival of the Fittest)
4. Pawn to King
5.The Art of Infamy
6. Rule of 2
7. Bludgeoned by Deformity
8. Gravitas Maximus




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Pyrexia - Gravitas Maximus (Unique Leader)
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