Album Review: Infex – Burning in Exile (Self Released)

Bay Area Thrashers Infex are set to release ‘Burning in Exile’ on CD, digital, and limited edition red translucent 12″ vinyl formats. It is out on August 13th, 2021.

Having grown up during the thrash metal heyday and listening to genre pioneers like Exodus, Kreator, Destruction, Slayer, Dark Angel and the lik, along with old-school hardcore influences like Discharge, Attitude Adjustment, Cryptic Slaughter, DRI, and Excel, Infex blends the styles of all these and more into a raw outpouring of aggression and anger.

While thrash is the name of the game, Infex aren’t playing it your way. Here, the head-bangers showcase crossover sound that delves into hardcore and heavy metal. Burning in Exile is a wild and heavy release, one to let yourself loose on and enjoy the intense aggression.

It’s a no-nonsense start with the ripping and tearing thrash opener, Blood of the Wicked before The Burning seems to up the tempo and delivers a blistering assault of angry noise. Be prepared to have your face shredded off, especially as Exiled has Infex begin to showcase that crossover sound that makes them such an exciting listen.

Thrashing and crashing, both Acid Reign and The Abyss has the vocals get a bit ‘deathy’, a strong compliment to the frenzied instrumentation. Whereas the heavy head-banging trio of Legions of Hate, Torn Apart and Beer Run keep things tight, pointed and sharp. There’s no getting bored here, even if there’s nothing particularly special going on.

After all, what do we always say? You don’t have to be changing the musical landscape as long as what you’re doing, you’re doing very bloody well. Infex are doing crossover thrash metal very, very well and even have a surprise up their sleeve with the finale of 7.62.

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The opening ‘this is my rifle’ spiel from Full Metal Jacket should go some way to preparing you for what is about to follow but even still, 6-odd minutes of explosive hardcore-infused thrash is pushing it. It flies by in a blur of heaviness though, ending an overall satisfying album in style.

Infex – Burning in Exile Full Track Listing:

1. Blood of the Wicked
2. The Burning
3. Exiled
4. Acid Reign
5. The Abyss
6. Legions of Hate
7. Torn Apart
8. Beer Run
9. 7.62


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Infex - Burning in Exile (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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