Album Review: Infernal Execrator – Obsolete Ordinance (Pulverised Records)

Out on July 27th 2018 via Pulverised Records, Obsolete Ordiance is the 2nd album from profane Singapore band, Infernal Execrator. Obsolete Ordinance speaks of the atrocities of religion in every form.

An unholy alliance was also forged between Sacrilegious Rite frontman Ex Ipsis-Mors, Ludo Lejeune aka Ludo Evil and Infernal Vlad of Cult Of Fire contributing guest spots on the new album.

Infernal Execrator 2

A haunting soundscape, one that creates the imagery of evil beings summoning something twisted and evil around a raging bonfire, leads into impatient heaviness that has all the hallmarks of a modern, raging and bloodying black metal record with shades of feral death metal.

Making a dark statement early on. It’s no surprise that Obsolete Ordinance doesn’t take its foot off the gas for most of the album’s 35 minute run-time. The beastliness of Incinerate Halakhah Theorem, Scions of Irreverent Bloodshed and Northern Superiority might be fairly short and to the point but it’s a welcome change to the many bands that meander on for far longer denting their songs impact.

That’s not a problem for Infernal Execrator as Quintessence of Timeless Void burns so brightly with black metal malice throwing out so much in less then 3 minutes.

A savage assault on organised religion isn’t anything new but Infernal Execrator throw so much venomous vitality into making an absolute racket it’s hard not to get drawn in. They even manage to slip in a quick guitar solo into the more thrashy Supreme Barbarous Ordo.

They do end the album with a long one though in Absolute Celestial Condemnation. However thanks to the shorter song lengths up to this point, you’ll be far from sick of Infernal Execrator’s black metal fury. It pummels for 6+ minutes before closing out with the sound of gunfire, explosions, screaming and a military-style beat.

Infernal Execrator 1

Infernal Execrator – Obsolete Ordiance Full Track Listing:

1. Infernal Execrator (True Blasphemous Conquer)
2. Incinerate Halakhah Theorem
3. Scions of Irreverent Bloodshed
4. Northern Superiority
5. Quintessence of Timeless Void
6. Supreme Barbarous Ordo
7. Obsolete Ordinance
8. Absolute Celestial Condemnation



You can stream the album now via Pulverised Records’ Bandcamp here and pick up the album via their Big Cartel Store too. Find out more by going to the band’s website and Facebook Page.

Infernal Execrator - Obsolete Ordinance (Pulverised Records)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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