Album Review: Infected Humans – Unexpected Traumatic Experiences (Gore House Productions)

Infected Humans hail from the historic Ecuadorian city of Cuenca and their debut album, Unexpected Traumatic Experiences delivers nine tales from the dark side of those margins, housed between an unsettling intro and haunting outro.

Unexpected Traumatic Experiences features three guest vocal appearances, with Ewan Lambert (Corpseflesh), Sonny Trujillo (Cadaverous Infest) and Pipo Castellanos of Ecuadorian underground heroes Cafeterasub adding their insane influences to this already gloriously demented album. The infamous Gore House Productions will unleash the synapse incinerating madness of Infected Humans on the world on January 15th 2021.

A guttural and brutal style of death metal, one with a touch of grind running through it, Infected Humans bring the sickening savagery with 9 (not including the intro/outro) beastly listens. The ferocity of the blast beats is what immediately stands out but it’s far from alone in delivering face-melting levels of noise.

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The vocals, regardless of who is delivering them, gurgle and growl. The guitars are like chainsaws buzzing through flesh and bone and the bass is liable to give you a headache. The foot is rarely taken off the gas, often only to deliver a disturbing segment that enhances the feeling of imminent danger. Something that becomes reality across the concise 28 minutes. It’s not short though, such is the perverse nature of what is being heard, it drags you down into its nauseating pit of noise.

Come the end, most will be desperately crawling and clawing to escape but there will be some who are content with sinking deeper and deeper.

Infected Humans – Unexpected Traumatic Experiences Full Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Killing Perservately Depressed
3. Ejaculating Illumination (feat. Ewan Lambert)
4. Bloodthirsty Sacrifice
5. Calcining Human Flesh (feat. Sonny Trujillo)
6. Paraphilic Infestation Of Internal Torment
7. Interstellar Torture
8. Altered By Substances
9. Genocidas Del Control (feat. Pipo Castellanos)
10. Chaotic Biological Organization
11. Outro


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Infected Humans - Unexpected Traumatic Experiences (Gore House Productions)
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