EP Review: Atomic Kavemen – Everyone Loves A Dead Man (Self Released)

Oakland rockers Atomic Kavemen are bursting out of the garage and onto the national music scene this summer with their second EP, Everyone Loves a Dead Man. Vocalist Morey Straus leads an outfit that’s been called everything from “post-punk” and “punk n roll” to “radioactive garage metal” by critics. What’s certain, though, is Atomic Kavemen’s undeniable catchiness. Straus is joined by guitarist Dustin Rhodes, bassist Todd Salomon, and drummer James Kilpatrick for chunky grooves that are sure to please horror punks, metalheads, and grungers alike.

A follow-up to their self-titled 2018 EP, Everyone Loves a Dead Man will be released August 2nd 2019.


They might be aiming bigger then the garage with this release but it’s clear Atomic Kavemen haven’t quite left it behind yet. Not in regards to productions, absolutely not. Everyone Loves A Dead Man is a buttery smooth listen that is part punk, part rock and roll and part wackiness. Listen carefully and you can hear everything from Misfits to The Melvins to Type O Negative to Primis and more.

It’s stupendously interesting and even more addictive. Some may not be sold on the raw garage-sound and mostly spoken word of Bravado but the insane catchiness of Override will do the job. You’d have to be dead already to not enjoy the gothic-rock vibes of this track.

Keeping things interesting and varied, After Life and Aggression arrive next. The former really upping the moodiness factor while still keeping things on tracks with a certain amount of catchy hooks. While the latter is a bit more in your face with more intense guitars and the vocals taking a bit of a backseat.

The EP is closed out with What I Know, one more oddity that moves into noise-rock territory with a little less coherency to it. Still pretty damn special though.


Atomic Kavemen – Everyone Loves a Dead Man Full Track Listing:

1. Bravado
2. Override
3. After Life
4. Aggression
5. What I Know




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Atomic Kavemen - Everyone Loves A Dead Man (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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