Album Review: Infall – Silent (This Is Core)

The debut album from Italian hardcore/mathcore band, Infall is eleven tracks of ferocious & technical metal. Silent is out on October 27th 2017 via This is Core.

Infall 1

With fire in their veins & fury in their hearts, Infall go for the ‘destroy everything’ approach with the super-speedy Chamber. Simply two minutes of fast & technical metal driven by the wild hardcore screaming vocals.

Back Home Early initially follows suit but about halfway slows down to deliver some melody before ending on a seriously energetic blaze of metal. Infall know how to play hard & fast, the album only going 34 minutes. However, that’s probably about as much as you can take of this hyper-aggressive & technical medley.

It does come across a bit too disjointed at times, such as on The Random Butcher where things just come across confused. When they get it right though, it’s a nasty & visceral listen that demands every bit of you.

The booming & machine-like beat of In The Mess, the mind-melting heaviness of (Who the Hell’s Inside My Head, the doomy groove of Gift & the rock rhythm of Palindrome. The middle of the album ticks all the right boxes for fans of hardcore metal. Plenty of variation in styles but sounding a lot more organised & detailed.

That’s not to say Infall aren’t finished with just throwing fuel onto an already blazing hot inferno. Cyd is just over a minute of pure fury. Forget rhythm & structure, it’s simply trying to tear your face off. The kind of stuff that makes a pop singer cry & non-metal fans to decree that it’s ‘just noise’.

The album ends with the two longest & most inventive tracks. Birth beginning with some ringing guitar strumming & soft melody before the drums come in & the pace picks up. A darker tone with whispered low vocals, it’s exciting stuff that doesn’t lose its way when the pace is picked up & the vocals return to the hardcore style. The guitar work here is unbelievably brilliant.

The title track keeps things simple for the finale of the album. Speeding riffs, insane guitar technicalities, pissed off vocals all delivered at a pace that seems inhuman at times.

Once the album gets going, it really gets going. Infall are a seriously heavyweight talent in the hardcore world of metal. Offering more than just aggression & breakdowns, the technical prowess of the guitars on show is quite impressive.

Infall 2

Infall – Silent Full Track Listing:

1. Chamber
2. Back Home Early
3. The Random Butcher
4. In the Mess
5. (Who) The Hell’s Inside My Head
6. Gift
7. Palindrome
8. Cyd
9. Decay
10. Birth
11. Silent

You can order the album via This Is Core & find out more about Infall over on Facebook.

Infall - Silent (This Is Core)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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