Album Review: Ah Ciliz/Chiral Split – Origins (Hypnotic Dirge Records/Throats Productions)

Out on November 6th 2017, atmospheric post black metal band, Chiral will release a split album with atmospheric black metal band, Ah Ciliz. The split, entitled ‘Origins’, will be out via Hypnotic Dirge Records and Throats Productions.

Origins 1

Ah Ciliz get the album started with a trio of icy cold, dripping in dark atmosphere tracks. Cascadia has all the harder elements that will get a black metal fan excited but also includes plenty of melody & a nice smooth sound. Moonlight in Night Season offers something a bit different, being nearly 5 minutes of soft & haunting melody before People of the Stars ups the intensity & rawness.

Ah Ciliz have dropped three extremely modern & memorable atmospheric black metal tracks. A tough act to follow but one that doesn’t faze the excellent Chiral. You can read our review of an earlier album Gazing Light Eternity here.

A Feeble Glare of Autumn brings instant gratification with traditional black metal heaviness but wrapped up in really exciting guitar rhythm & hauntingly evil sounding vocals. The bleak atmosphere is increased at the mid-point as the song drops away into a softer sound briefly.

The final track of the album, Queen of the Setting Sun & the second Chiral track is one final trip through a dreamy melodic state. One that will leave you feeling emotionally drained. The two bands complement each other perfectly. Similar styles but enough differences to make them both worth checking out.

Origins 2

Ah Ciliz/Chiral – Origins Full Track Listing:

1. Ah Ciliz – Cascadia
2. Ah Ciliz – Moonlight in Night Season
3. Ah Ciliz – People of the Stars
4. Chiral – A Feeble Glare of Autumn
5. Chiral – Queen of the Setting Sun

You can order the album via Hypnotic Dirge Records here & via Throats Productions here. You can also pick up the Chiral songs here & Ah Ciliz here. Keep up to date with news, listen to music & find out more about Chiral on their websiteFacebook, Instagram, Soundcloud & YouTube. Keep up to date with news, listen to music & find out more about Ah Ciliz on Facebook, MySpace & Soundcloud.


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Ah Ciliz/Chiral Split - Origins (Hypnotic Dirge Records/Throats Productions)
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