Album Review: Incite – Built to Destroy (Minus Head Records)

American groove metal band Incite are back with their new album, Built to Destroy out now via Minus Head Records. The four-piece have been going since 2004 and the current lineup is made up of Richie Cavalera (vocals), Dru Tang (guitars), Christopher Elsten (bass guitar) and Lennon Lopez (drums).

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Built to Destroy begins very strongly with the title track absolutely shaking with power. Intense groove metal played at a hyper pace, the guitars are mind-meltingly powerful here and Cavalera is on fire with his vocals.

Ruthless Ways and Backbone are both a little less wild and more methodical in their attack with it being the drums that stand out on the former. While both are solid and meaty metal tracks, it has to be said that the early momentum already feels lost as neither track really excels.

Getting things back on track is the mayhem introduced by Resistance before Crowbar and NOLA legend Kirk Windstein adds his significant weight to Human Cancer. His voice really adds a lot to the dirty groove of the track making it feel all the more special. Easily one of the better tracks on the album.

One of the more surprising things about Built to Destroy is how clean it sounds. It might be angry and aggressive metal but the production job gives it a far more friendly approach. This is very noticeable on the rapid-fire Confronting Darkness and stompy Leech. It’s not a complaint though as Incite seem as though the mainstream of metal is part of their focus while still sounding intensely heavy.

Ex-Cannibal Corpse and current Six Feet Under vocalist Chris Barnes is the second guest to appear on the album lending his trademark guttural growls and rises to Poisoned By Power. Unsurprisingly the most brutalising track on the album.

It’s not bettered either as Cessation, Hate for Life and Savior Self all deliver smash-mouth loud metal that isn’t going to excite too many people.

Built to Destroy is a good album, a really solid meaty slab of a groove metal release. However, it’s not got quite enough in the tank to really stand out over a protracted length of time.

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Incite – Built to Destroy Full Track Listing:

1. Built to Destroy
2. Ruthless Ways
3. Backbone
4. Resistance
5. Human Cancer (feat. Kirk Windstein)
6. Confronting Darkness
7. Leech
8. Poisoned By Power (feat. Chris Barnes)
9. Cessation
10. Hate for Life
11. Savior Self

Built to Destroy is out now and available via all major digital and streaming services.


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Built to Destroy (Minus Head Records)
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