Horror Movie Review: You Might Be the Killer (2018)

You Might Be the Killer is a horror comedy movie that was directed by Brett Simmons, it released in 2018. The film starts Fran Kranz as Sam, a camp counsellor and owner of Camp Clear Vista. Sam frantically calls his friend Chuck (Alyson Hannigan), a horror movie enthusiast. He explains to her that a masked killer is on the loose at the camp and has killed most if not all of the other counsellor’s. In order to fully grasp the situation, Chuck asks Sam to recount the previous day’s events. In doing so, Sam comes to realise that everything might just not be as it seems.

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While on the phone with Chuck, Sam suffers a momentary blackout. Sam escapes the cabin where he is hiding when someone sets it on fire. Sam briefly encounters the masked killer before finding a new hiding spot. Chuck calls back to help Sam deduce the killer’s identity. Sam recalls how he and several other counsellor’s found themselves trapped at the camp after discovering several dead bodies. A flashback shows Sam stumbling upon Freddie and Nancy while patrolling the woods for the killer. For some reason Freddie and Nancy are unable to hear Sam. Sam begins suffering a blackout as he witnesses the killer slaughtering Freddie and Nancy.

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He and Chuck eventually conclude that because he is covered in blood, holding the killer’s signature blade, and possesses a mysterious wooden mask, Sam may actually be the killer and his blackouts prevented him from remembering. Sam tries to destroy the mask, but discovers it is unbreakable. Sam then attempts to burn the mask, only for his face to burn as well. Chuck theorizes that the mask may have imprinted on him.

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What will Sam do now that he has learned that the killer he’s fearful of is in fact, himself? Can he retrace his steps and find out where the mask came from? Will he be able to escape the mystical grasp of the sinister mask? Or will he fall victim to the types of clichés that befall many slasher villains? Plenty of questions you can get the answers to by checking out You Might Be the Killer.

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Firstly, I must commend You Might Be the Killer for its genuine originality. Truly, it spins the slasher genre on its head. In many ways, it reminded me a lot of films like Scream or The Cabin in the Woods. Like those movies, it takes a tongue in cheek look at slasher/horror films. There’s lots of commentary about the types of tropes you would consider synonymous with the genre. I’ve seen this done from the perspective of the victims but I cannot recall it being done from that of the killer. You Might Be the Killer hits a lot of the same notes but still manages to have a fresh feel. To think up something unique when almost everything has be done is very impressive.

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Originality isn’t all it has going for it. In fact, it’s very entertaining as well. While the budget is clearly limited, it looks the part. Some of the deaths are very graphic while others you don’t see much at all which is a shame. The effects that are on display look good and are shot intelligently to hide their shortcomings.

I must give credit to Fran Kranz for what is a varied performance. He manages to be funny while also garnering sympathy for this plight. Sam goes through a lot and while it’s mostly handled in a comical way, he adds some emotion to the role. Also, his back and forth conversations with Chuck are fun.

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My only complaints are that it does drag a little in places and the editing is a bit sloppy. Also, while it is amusing it could have been funnier.

What would you do if you were the villain in a slasher film with little control over your actions? I mean, we all know what happens to the killers in the end right? You Might Be the Killer answers these questions and it does it really well.


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