Album Review: In Arcadia – Red Museum (Self Released)

A Sci-fi-influenced synth soundtrack, In Arcadia is the solo project of Upcdownc guitarist Chris Garth. The debut release is called Red Museum and was released on Apil 6th 2018.

Arcadia 2

Delivering on the sci-fi synth promise, opener Son of the Ghost gives off such an 80’s action/horror vibe that those familiar with movies from that era will feel instantly transported back in time.

This could easily be the soundtrack that backs up a gritty and futuristic movie with each track tailor made for scenes. Take Psychomanteum as an example, a track that conjures up images of a slow trek through a run-down city or Phantasm’s strobe lighting club-like vibe.

The tone darkens slightly for the late-night meeting that is The Witching Hour, a rendezvous fraught with danger before Black Static implies things may not have gone well & it’s time for the big final fight.

Capping off a fantastic listen, Whisper Trees is the lightness that comes at the end of a long and difficult journey. Stand tall, the job is done…for now.

Arcadia 1

In Arcadia – Red Museum Full Track Listing:

1. Son of the Ghost
2. Psychomanteum
3. Dark Waves
4. Phantasm
5. HQ
6. The Witching Hour
7. Black Static
8. Whisper Trees
9. Son of the Ghost (Full)

You can order the album now via Bandcamp.

In Arcadia - Red Museum (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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