Album Review: Elm Tree Circle – Feel The Burn (Krod Records)

Elm Tree Circle is a four-piece emo pop-punk band from Germany. Their debut album, The Good Life is set to release on the 11th of May 2018 through KROD Records.

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Standing out in the pop-punk/rock world is a tough task especially when the ’emo’ tag is attached to your sound. It inevitably draws comparisons to both the best & worst of that style of music. A lot of people will judge Elm Tree Circle before they’ve even heard a note. A mistake as their brand of melodramatic & bouncy music is really enjoyable.

The Good Life is filled with catchy & familiar tunes for those who grew up in the height of the pop-punk/rock popularity. Sharing much in common with the likes of The All American Rejects & PUP, Elm Tree Circle prove they’re much more then a throwback meant for teenage angst.

Early on it’s The Lease that gets the attention will its simple rhythm & excellent melodic drop. As You Go is a classy, dour tune that shows great song-writing ability while Rooftops Rhythms is a catchy highlight.

It’s not always easy to get along with the vocals as they’re at the forefront of the album, occasionally dominating. A pity as there is some pretty impressive guitar melodies running through the album like veins. It’s not that the vocals are bad, far from it as the emotive edge fits the tone perfectly.

The latter part of the album has some of the better tracks with Let Go & Let Grow daring to have wicked rock rhythm with some decent sized hooks. However the bland, Unleaded feels pointless & lacks imagination especially when followed by the excellent Punk Felony, a track with a nice bit of snarl.

A great modern pop-punk/rock album closes out with one last emo-tastic effort as Yes It Is ends things in a melodic & touching way. A to the point record, the simplistic style is appealing & the uncomplicated tracks will resonate with old-school & modern fans alike.

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Elm Tree Circle – The Good Life Full Track Listing:

1. Feel the Burn
2. The Lease
3. Washing Machine Song (featuring Ducking Punches)
4. As You Go
5. Wait
6. Slightly Broken
7. Convince Myself to Ease
8. Rooftop Rhythms
9. You Knew It
10. Let Go
11. Let Grow
12. Unleaded
13. Punk Felony
14. Yes it Is

Check out Feel the Burn below via Apple Music below. Also where the album will be available once released as well as via Spotify & Deezer. You can pick up merchandise over on Big Cartel, find out more about Elm Tree Circle on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and check out their videos on YouTube.

Elm Tree Circle - Feel The Burn (Krod Records)
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