Album Review: Ice Age – Waves Of Loss And Power (Sensory Records)

A return like no other, progressive rock band Ice Age are back and will release their brand-new album ‘Waves of Loss and Power’ on March 17th, 2023, via Sensory Records. Their first full-length since 2001’s Liberation.

What an incredible return this is. One of the most anticipated records of 2023, it seems almost impossible for Ice Age to live up to the hype. Yet, through sheer will and talent, the four-piece set the 2023 prog-rock bar at a height few will be able to match, let alone pass.

This is not just because of the technical mastery or the liberal eccentricities that make up the entire record but because Ice Age ensure it all pulsates with life. It’s incredibly detailed progressive rock that ebbs and flows in a calming way. Even when it does get a little more choppy or wild, it never feels dangerous as Ice Age are guiding things along perfectly.

Showcasing a startling amount of variety, blending classic soundscapes with modern sonics, the album is a thrilling listen from beginning to end. Which is quite something when you consider that the first three tracks take up over 30-minutes of the album’s runtime. A runtime that comes in at over an hour, which may not be too much a surprise when you consider just how eclectic and enigmatic Ice Age’s music is most of the time.

There’s no hard sell to prog fans here. Especially those who are aware of Ice Age and have been chomping at the bit for this new release. The hard sell is for those who tend to avoid this kind of music and have a ‘view’ that it’s often overblown and meandering. Which Waves of Loss and Power is but not from a negative standpoint. In fact, it’s where this album excels. Ice Age’s attention to detail, journey like soundscapes, twists and turns all makes this a stunning return to prominence.

Dare it even be said… that it’s often quite epic sounding. Notable at first with Perpetual Child, Part II – Forever but also feelings that come up when experiencing both To Say Goodbye, Part IV – Remembrance and To Say Goodbye, Part V – Water Child. Ice Age at their grandest, while continuing to blow minds with their incredible technical skills.

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Waves of Loss and Power is a masterpiece of prog filtered through old-school minds with modern twists. It is an album that demands patience and focus, many listens to unpack, and a willingness to open your mind. Do all of that and you will be richly rewarded.

The prog-rock bar setter for 2023.

Ice Age – Waves of Loss and Power Track Listing:

1. The Needle’s Eye
2. Riverflow
3. Perpetual Child, Part II – Forever
4. Together Now
5. All My Years
6. Float Away
7. To Say Goodbye, Part IV – Remembrance
8. To Say Goodbye, Part V – Water Child


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Ice Age - Waves Of Loss And Power (Sensory Records)
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