Album Review: Humanity’s Last Breath – Välde (Unique Leader)

Swedish black death juggernauts Humanity’s Last Breath will release their new album Välde, the apocalyptically heavy follow-up to 2019’s Abyssal, on the 12th February 2021 via Unique Leader.

If you want some idea of just how crushingly bleak and heavy this new album from Humanity’s Last Breath is going to be, just listen to the assault of noise that is hurled out on the intro, Dödsdans. It’s only 95 seconds long but the blast of guitars, bass and drums will make the hairs stand on end.

…and that’s just the intro.

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What follows is what can be confidently called an absolute beast of blackened death metal with epic proportions and some layered symphonic elements. One of the heaviest albums you’re likely to hear this year. The weight of Humanity’s Last Breath devastation pushing down on the mind with unrelenting force.

It’s not just that it’s unbelievably heavy but because it is remorselessly coming from such a dark place. There are no moments of light, no moments of levity, no melodic globules or sparkling highs. For 50 minutes, this band spread devastating harshness that turns the mind into mush but here is the most important thing, it’s bloody excellent.

Yes, this level of intensity is not for everyone. That must be made abundantly clear but for those who want to be slammed over and over again. Those who want to feel mentally bloodied and battered by music. Then Välde will provide the punishment and most will thank the gods for Humanity’s Last Breath.

They have such a masterful control of their instrumentation that the rough flurry of riffs, the concussive effect of the percussion and skin-crawling vocals sound immense. No matter how much longer things go on, the better it sounds and the moments where they step up to deliver grandeur are simply phenomenal. This might very well be the crowning glory of this band.

Humanity’s Last Breath – Välde Full Track Listing:

1. Dödsdans
2. Glutton
3. Earthless
4. Descent
5. Spectre
6. Dehumanize
7. Hadean
8. Tide
9. Väldet
10. Sirens
11. Futility
12. Vittring


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Humanity's Last Breath - Välde (Unique Leader)
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