Album Review: Human Serpent – For I​,​ The Misanthropist (Ogmios Underground)

Human Serpent, a black metal band from Greece will release their third album ‘For I, the Misanthropist’ on January 30th 2018 via Ogmios Underground.

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A brutal experience, Human Serpent provide classic black metal riffing with vocals that alternate between hellish growls, roars and more rhythmic singing. This is an album for the old-school black metal fan, one with a simple aim…destroy.

Seven Billion Slaves, the title track & Temple of All Despair do exactly that with fiery blackened metal & just the smallest hint of rhythm here & there. It’s these moments that take on a more classic metal style that really helps the album stand out as without them it’s black metal done well but not exactly original.

However, when Human Serpent fire on all cylinders the likes of The Scars of Millions & Deep-Seated Pessimism sound absolutely huge yet still within the darkened boundaries of deep caves.

If uncompromising heaviness is what you’re after then Human Serpent certainly deliver as …To Son of Nothing & Us and Them opens up the gates of hell. The latter in particular delivers an absolute bloody horror show of bile-inducing vocals.

For I, the Misanthropist wraps up with 3 and a half minutes of repeating guitar rhythm & evilly spoken word vocals. It’s a bit of flat finale unfortunately, taming the beast rather then unleashing it.

Human Serpent 2

Human Serpent – For I, the Misanthropist Full Track Listing:

1. Seven Billion Slaves
2. For I, The Misanthropist
3. Temple Of All Despair
4. The Scars of Millions
5. …To Son of Nothing
6. Us and Them
7. Devotion to Denial
8. Deep-Seated Pessimism
9. Blessed is the Man Who Expects Nothing

You can order the album via Bandcamp in a number of different formats. Find out more about Human Serpent on their website and check out some of their videos on YouTube.

Human Serpent - For I​, The Misanthropist (Ogmios Underground)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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