Album Review: Hukutus – Oksitosiini (My Fate Music)

Out on April 27th 2018 via My Fate Music, Oksitosiini is the debut album from Finish metal band, Hukutus. Maximising a raw and crude sound. It is a cornucopia of natural imperfection and a channelling of chaotic energies.

Hukutus 2

This is a heavy one. Combining the power of black metal with a more epic sound, Hukutus are a ferocious beast as they deliver intense heaviness with a bit of soul to it. Ave Marian, Nadiirit and Koitus are an opening trio that are exhausting with the level of brutality on show. The thumping percussion backed up with hellish vocals are simply stunning.

There hasn’t been much this year with this level of invention and heaviness combined.

Se Seisoo proves to be the highlight of an album with few lows. The guitar riffs, the haunting vocals and gut-rumbling drums combine efforts here to provide a effective trip into the bleak and dark hovel that Hukutus live in. Sublime.

Listening to Oksitosiini will give you a dry mouth simply because you’ll be open-mouthed for its entire runtime. By time the feral assault that is Jokainen Hautaa Omansa comes to end things, there will be no doubt that this is a real contender for album of the year.

Hukutus 1

Hukutus – Oksitosiini Full Track Listing:

1. Ave Marian
2. Nadiirit
3. Koitus
4. Se Seisoo
5. Tapa itse
6. Metsä ja yö
7. Abstra-ka-dabra
8. Jokainen Hautaa Omansa

You can order the CD version of the album now here and pick previously released singles via BandcampSpotify and Apple Music below. Listen to some of their music on Soundcloud and watch some of their videos on YouTube. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking their Facebook Page and following them on Instagram!

Hukutus - Oksitosiini (My Fate Music)
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