Comic Book Review: The Thing – The Northman Nightmare

The Thing: The Northman Nightmare is an exclusive digital comic-book published by Dark Horse Comics in September 2011 as part of a promotional tie-in to the 2011 movie, The Thing. Serving as a prequel to the 2011 movie that was a prequel to the original 1982 horror, The Thing: The Northman Nightmare is a short three-part story that delves a little deeper into the stories past.

Set in 1121 A.D it surrounds a group of vikings in Greenland who arrive and find themselves stranded. They make the harsh trek through the icy land towards a Viking leader’s village only to discover it in ruins with bodies strewn about the place.

Northman 3

While checking the bodies they find that a few are a bit odd looking. Almost unidentifiable as a human being. Before they can really try to understand it though a group of survivors make themselves known. Women who claim that the Viking leader went mad and started attacking everyone. However, one male survivor claims it’s the women who are to blame.

Unfortunately in his panic he tries to escape forcing the ruthless Vikings to kill him.

Still, these guys aren’t stupid so play it safe by locking the women away and keeping men on watch. As night falls though it’s not long before one of the guards is tempted away by the suggestion of warm female company.

Northman 2

The next morning, he can’t be found and then the realisation hits that there are suddenly more women then there was originally. All hell breaks loose as the creature sets out to defend itself.

The Northman Nightmare is a fun little story that offers a little bit more to the alien backstory without ruining the mystery. Seeing it face off against Vikings adds a different layer to just how far it will go to survive.

Northman 4

The characters are basic but their lack understanding of just what they’re dealing with followed by the realistion of just how much danger they are all in makes for an exciting read.

The art work is great, the story told is interesting and other then being too short, it’s well worth a read especially as it’s free.


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The Thing - The Northman Nightmare
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