Album Review: Hittman – Destroy All Humans (No Remorse Records)

We have a brand new studio album from the legendary US Heavy/Power Metal band Hittman, their first in 27 years!

After positive response to the reissue of the classic self-titled debut album (originally released in 1988, reissued by No Remorse Records) and Hittman’s amazing live shows at Keep It True and Up the Hammers festivals, the band decided to record a new album. A continuation on from their debut, including new songs but also two tracks (“Out in the Cold” & “Code of Honour”) originally written before the release of the debut album.

Destroy All Humans will be released on September 25th 2020 via No Remorse Records.

The music business has changed a hell of a lot since Hittman last released new music. 27 years…there will be people hearing this follow up who weren’t even born when it came out. Back then we were still heavily dependent on dial-up internet and a word like ‘streaming’ in the context of music was nowhere to be found. Now, physical sales have all but disappeared, listeners take their tunes in bite-sized chunks, moving on to the next thing if it hasn’t managed to grab hold in the first 30 seconds. It’s very, very different and that’s not to make Hittman sound ancient or anything but rather to simply highlight the difficulties faced with releasing new music now.

Of course, the best thing is simply to rely on the music and have faith that it will connect with those who are looking for a taste of the classic sounds of heavy and power metal.

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It’s what Hittman certainly do here, putting together an album that won’t set the metal world alight but will satisfy a craving. A craving for gargantuan riffs, old school rhythm and pacing, powerful melodies and thick heavy metal groove. However, it doesn’t come across dated and if you didn’t know better, could easily be the work of a young and hungry band casting a sweeping eye over the glorious past. That especially applies to the two tracks written many, many years ago.

It’s pretty simple really. Destroy All Humans delivers on its promise of grand-sounding heavy metal. Don’t expect anything more and you won’t come away disappointed.

Hittman – Destroy All Humans Full Track Listing:

1. Destroy All Humans
2. Breathe
3. The Lodge
4. Code of Honour
5. Total Amnesia
6. 1000 Souls
7. Out in the Cold
8. Love, ‘The Assassin’


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Hittman - Destroy All Humans (No Remorse Records)
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