Album Review: HellgardeN – Making Noise, Living Fast (Brutal Records)

The ruthless Brazilian Quartet of HellgardeN came together in 2013 in a beer and whiskey-soaked basement with one common goal in mind. To create 100% real thrash metal music. HellgardeN promise songs with an organic, visceral and striking sound with amazing riffs, ripped vocals and a violent sound of drums and bass. They have performed live in Brazil, playing at important festivals including sharing the stage alongside metal legends like Krisiun, Claustrophobia, Project4, and many more…

On April 10th they will release their album; Making Noise, Living Fast via Brutal Records.

Thrash fucking metal… it never gets old and it will certainly never die. Not when you have the likes of modern bands such as HellgardeN delivering crusted brutality like Making Noise, Living Fast.

From the moment Spit on Hypocrisy erupts like pus from a painful boil, it’s clear this is a ‘no nonsense’ release. The smashing squeals of the guitars, the thick bass hooks, the beat of the drums and the fiery rage of the vocals laying HellgardeN bare.

Although we’d be lying if we didn’t say they had some groove to their metal too. Tracks like Evolution or Destruction, Fuck the Consequences and Believe in Yourself or Die really get that body moving and the face gurning.

Mostly though, HellgardeN just deliver powerful thrash hits that cause uncontrollable bouts of head-banging. Who could complain about that!?

HellgardeN – Making Noise, Living Fast Full Track Listing:

1. Spit on Hypocrisy
2. Evolution or Destruction
3. Learned to Play Dirty
4. Fuck the Consequences
5. Brainwash
6. Making Noise, Living Fast
7. Believe in Yourself or Die
8. Possessed By Noise


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HellgardeN - Making Noise, Living Fast (Brutal Records)
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