Album Review: Breaths – Isolera (Self Released)

A blend of ambient, drone, doom, and post-rock, Breaths’ soundscape album ‘Isolera’ will be self-released digitally on June 3, 2022.



Split into four movements, Isolera is not a conventional listening experience. For starters, it takes an ambient-heavy approach that gives it a cinematic/soundtrack flavour. Movement I, eerie and sci-fi infused, it’s over 17-minutes of music that feels akin to wandering through the silent cosmos. At least up until around the 13-minute mark, where the tone shifts and gets more drone-like and darker.

Movement II builds up a sense of discomfort from the sound of initially comforting atmosphere. Close your eyes, lay back and allow yourself to drift through the soundscape of this track. It’s then followed by the shortest Movement, III as Breaths get moody and unleash their post-rock side. A thrilling, heartfelt and honest sounding listen.

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Finally, it’s Movement IV, a thing of beauty as the melody seeps its way into the soul and the sense of quiet and peacefulness is embodied delightfully. Even as the patter of a drum beat picks the rhythm up, it never stops feeling immensely pretty. That is until the final few minutes, where a more chaotic expulsion of drone and post-heaviness kicks in.

If you already have a taste for this kind of music, you’re going to love what Breaths offer here. A staggering example of how strong atmosphere can truly captivate.

Breaths – Isolera Full Track Listing:

1. Movement I
2. Movement II
3. Movement III
4. Movement IV


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Breaths - Isolera (Self Released)
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