Album Review: Hedfuzy – Waves (Hostile Media)

Joining the roster on Hostile Media, Irish prog-rockers Hedfuzy will release their second album, Waves on February 1st 2019. Led by Pat Byrne, the progressive rock project was ultimately a solo outing for the debut. However with this follow up Pat assembled a full line-up including Keith McCoy on drums, Jaime Callaghan on vocals and PJ O’Connell on guitars which would ultimately lead to the completion of Waves.

Hedfuzy 2

Pat comments, “The new album has more of a flow to it than the debut I think. The songs for that album had been written over a few years in some cases but this album came together at the writing stage much faster. I wrote and demoed about twenty songs for the album and then cut that down to nine.”

Rooted firmly in a groove rock sound with progressiveness littered throughout, Waves is an album about to things. Firstly the guitars and what Hedfuzy can bring out of them. Simple yet complex passages, hard-rocking riffs, sleazy licks and uplifting rhythm. Then we have the vocals, buttery-smooth and with power that really sells what Hedfuzy have on the likes of Black a River and The Boy Who Killed a Man.

The latter’s chanted chorus even gives it a kind of power metal vibe ala Sabaton. An exceptional track that goes crazy near the end to show off the proggy muscles Hedfuzy have. It’s a pity that the following track, The Lost Star is do bland by comparison. A high followed by a low and it takes a little while for Hedfuzy to recover.

Brick has some heavy groove and the beat is rhythmic to the point where you’ll start air drumming wherever you are but not a lot else. However, The Promise brings back the good times with female vocals, emotive melody and excellent use of synth giving it an old school sci-fi rock vibe. It works really well with Hedfuzy’s brand of proggy music. It’s certainly very unique.

That synth-style continues into the fast, hard-rocking and totally end credit sequence of a 90’s action movie set in the future. A song to get a dance floor moving. You have to love the imagination on show.

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Hedfuzy – Waves Full Track Listing:

1. I Am Not Your Enemy
2. Black River
3. The Boy Who Killed a Man
4. The Lost Star
5. Brick
6. The Promise
7. Shadows for the Disappeared
8. Waves
10. Hedfuzy Pt. 2

The album can be ordered via Hostile Media here and will be available via all major streaming services. Keep up to date with news by liking Hedfuzy’s Facebook Page and following them on Twitter.

Hedfuzy - Waves (Hostile Media)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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