Album Review: Head of Jeddore – How to Slaughter a Lamb (Self Released)

Made up of Greg Dawson (Olde, Grale, BWC Studios), guitarist Billy Curtis (The Abandoned Hearts Club, Cunter), vocalist Friendly Rich Marsella (Friendly Rich, the Lollipop People) and featuring guests like Damian Abraham (Fucked Up) and Kenny Bridges (Moneen), Head of Jeddore offers up a slab of sophisticated mayhem for fans of Mr. Bungle, System of a Down and the (more adventurous) Melvins.

Their debut album is “How to Slaughter a Lamb” and it drops on May 28th, 2021.

There’s a ton of talent involved with Head of Jeddore and that should be enough to get the excitement flowing. Then you hear their adventurous take on metal and that excitement turns into a deep love and appreciation for a wacky bunch of individuals making wacky music.

Kicking off with something that sits between System of a Down and Faith No More, the title track is a wired ball of energy. It leans more to the metal side of things, which isn’t something you might expect when you see those two band names. Frantic speed, dominated by a powerful set of drums, it’s a track that can’t sit still.



It should come as no surprise the same energy and off-kilter rhythmic sounds continues into Into the Well and The Age of Entitlement. Head of Jeddore burning down any and all comparatives and making sure you know they have their own fucked up sound. A bloody awesome sound though.

The Tragedy Network is a thumping slab of metalcore-style bouncing beats and brutish intensity. A killer guitar solo is a very nice touch. It’s followed by the grumbling and rumbling creeping infection that is Let Me Rot. A very uncomfortable track to listen too as you can almost feel, smell and taste the rot. Before it’s utter chaos, in punkish weirdness style, with Kathmandu. A tornado of mind-melting noise, take a deep breath because it has the filthiest of tempo shifts. Bloody insane but bloody awesome stuff.

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Is your brain leaking out of your ears yet? Give it a bit more time as we then get Blood Waltz and The Old Man and the Sea. The former, a little over two minutes of blazing fury and fire with hardcore destructive energy. The latter, a more focused assault of groovy heavy metal with some serious head-banging quality while still having that touch of Head of Jeddore weirdness.

Peepholes and Moles isn’t changing that either as the progressive-tinge of the guitars are balanced out with melodious touches of light orchestration and crushing heaviness. The combination, especially with the clean singing, is very unique sounding. Before the indignity of The Bake Sale comes crashing down upon what’s left of the mind.

Spectacular. There’s only so many times you can call something weird but fuck it, this is so weird. However, that doesn’t make it bad. Far from it, Head of Jeddore have crafted something thrilling and unique here. Something that leaves you mouth agape and sure to hit play again once it’s all over.

Head of Jeddore – How to Slaughter a Lamb Full Track Listing:

1. How to Slaughter a Lamb
2. Into the Well
3. The Age of Entitlement
4. The Tragedy Network
5. Let Me Rot
6. Kathmandu
7. Blood Waltz
8. The Old Man and the Sea




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Head of Jeddore - How to Slaughter a Lamb (Self Released)
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