Album Review: Hawkmoth – Godless Summit (Black Bow Records)

Australian post-metal/doom band Hawkmoth will release their new album Godless Summit on December 14th 2017 via Black Bow Records. The album is part one of a two part opus.

Hawkmoth 1

A post-metal listening experience that drifts through atmospheric realms all while delivering depth & dense heaviness that only doom can bring. Godless Summit is a four-track emotive listen that is hugely effective in presenting memorable instrumental music.

The title track is a fine example of what Hawkmoth can do. Guitar led melody mixed with thick doomy atmosphere, it drips a morose & sullen style that retains just a little bit of beauty too.

Ibex is just about dropping the heaviest of riffs on you though, nearly six minutes of sludgy ferocity before Mala Fide goes for the knockout blow. A haunting track, it conjures up imagery of far away lands that have been lost to death & war. It creates emotional reactions by soaring between melody & heavy doom rhythm. It’s the highlight of the album, a stunning piece of music.

This is one of those wonderous albums that you just desperately don’t want to end but at least Charnel Grounds, the final track, gives as much as it possibly can, coming in at nearly 14 minutes long. An impossibly satisfying finale, it perfects the blend of atmospheric melody & mood-altering doom.

Hawkmoth 2

Hawkmoth – Godless Summit Full Track Listing:

1. Godless Summit
2. Ibex
3. Mala Fide
4. Charnel Grounds

You can pick up the album over on Bandcamp and find out more about the band on Facebook.


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Hawkmoth - Godless Summit (Black Bow Records)
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