Horror Movie Review: All Through the House (2015)

All Through the House is Christmas slasher horror written & directed by Todd Nunes. A silly, tongue in cheek gore-fest that stars Ashley Mary Nunes, Jessica Cameron, Jennifer Wenger & Melynda Kiring.

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A throwback to 80’s horror but with much improved visuals, All Through the House has a simple setup. A psycho dressed in a Santa outfit is going to house to house on a quiet suburban neighbourhood slaughtering those inside. Santa’s weapon of choice is a pair of garden shears & a lot of people are busy having sex. Get used to see nudity & dong’s being cut off.

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Rachel (Ashley Mary Nunes) has returned home during her college break to see her grandmother & friends. She gets talking to a neighbour, Mrs Garrett (Melynda Kiring) who is lonely & something of a tragic figure. Her daughter was taken 15 years before & her husband died shortly afterwards. Rachel takes pity on Mrs Garrett & agrees to stop by with her friends later.

Once they do they discover an uncomfortable setting inside the lonely old woman’s home. Mrs Garrett has been using mannequins to play out sinister scenes of family life & all the presents under the tree are for her missing daughter. When quizzed about it she confidently claims that her daughter is coming back tonight.

House 3

Could the case of Mrs Garrett’s missing daughter have any relation to the killer Santa on the loose right now?

As stories go, All Through the House does a good job of keeping things entertaining & even though the story does get pretty silly in the final third it’s still a lot fun. A good cast really help with Ashley Mary Nunes’ ‘final girl’ Rachel, a character that isn’t anything new, really standing out.

House 4

The best thing about All Through the House though is how it really embodies the Christmas look. The excellent Santa costume on the villain, the use of Christmas lights & how it gloriously sprays the blood around! From the moment the movie starts the gore flies & no two kills are alike.

House 5

Thankfully the movie has so much more than just gore going for it. Well-paced & with a twist that, while not particularly well hidden, is still a lot of fun.

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All Through the House
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