Album Review: Handful of Hate – Adversus (Aural Music)

Handful Of Hate was founded in 1993 by frontman and guitarist Nicola Bianchi. After some line-up problems and the tragic death of their bass player Ugo P. in 1994, the band released their 1995 demo Goetia Summa, supported by a lot of live shows together with the best Italian metal bands.

Over the course of 26 years, the band has released six albums and brought respect and credibility into the worldwide underground scene. Now they want to celebrate a quarter of century of black metal with an astonishing pillar of carnality made music: the long-awaited seventh album Adversus.

Out on May 10th 2019 in digital, CD, and limited edition gatefold vinyl via Aural Music.

Adversus 2

Adversus is an incredible black metal release, one that has the mileage the band has gained clearly imprinted throughout it. It’s old-school classic black metal but sounds fresh and modern. Raging heaviness pours from every fibre of Handful of Hate as they spit fire and brimstone across 10 tracks of savagery.

Before Me (The Womb of Spite)’s black metal noise is powered by the commanding guttural and hellish vocals. The screams bring pain and suffering while Carved in Disharmony (Void and Essence) delivers horror like no other. This is black metal at its most unforgiving and deliciously evil.

Of course none of this would be possible without the power behind the guitars and drums and do they deliver? Holy hell do they!

From the crushing and broken depths of Severed and Reversed (Feudal Attitude) to the startling speed of Celebrate Consume … Burn and the weighty brutality of Idols to Hung. Handful of Hate bring an intense level of sharp guitar riffs and bludgeoning drums to the forefront of their black metal sound.

Adversus 1

Handful of Hate – Adversus Full Track Listing:

1. An Eagle Upon My Shield (Veteris Vestigia)
2. Before Me (The Womb of Spite)
3. Carved in Disharmony (Void and Essence)
4. Severed and Reversed (Feudal Attitude)
5. Down Lower (Men and Ruins)
6. Celebrate Consume … Burn!
7. Toward the Fallen Ones (Psalms to Discontinue)
8. Thorns to Redemption (Gemendo Germinat)
9. Idols to Hung
10. Icons With Devoured Faces

The album can be ordered in a number of formats here. Find out more about Handful of Hate via Facebook and Instagram.

Handful of Hate - Adversus (code666)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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