Album Review: Hammerfall – Hammer of Dawn (Napalm Records)

Swedish saviors of heavy metal Hammerfall let the hammer strike again with their twelfth studio album, Hammer of Dawn, released on February 25th, 2022 via Napalm Records.

If there is one thing that can be guaranteed with Hammerfall, it is the assurance that they’re going to release something that is pure bombastic power. Even this far into their musical careers, they continue to prove that heavy metal runs through their veins.

Hammer of Dawn is a 10-track blast of fist-pumping and head-banging heavy metal that is instrumentally chunky but with clean and soaring vocals. It’s an album that skirts the line between NWOBHM heaviness and European power metal.

It’s music that makes you feel 10-feet tall. Music that makes you want to thump your chest and swear allegiance to the gods of metal. Just as long as Hammerfall continue to produce music like this. After all, it’s a Brotherhood and the band create an anthem to reflect that with the opener.

Talkin of epic anthems though… the title track is Hammerfall creating something that is for the fans. A sure-fire live hit thanks to the massive chant of ‘thunder’, ‘lightening’, ‘hammer’, ‘fighting’ and so on.

No Son of Odin, Venerate Me and Reveries make up the rest of the first half with bouts of kick-ass riffing, epic soloing, thumping percussion and magnificent vocals. By the half-way point there is no doubting that Hammerfall are still going so very strong on this 12th release.

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No further proof should be needed but Hammerfall have so much more in the tank. Too Old to Die Young is one of the band’s catchiest modern efforts with truly impactful lyrical content. Not Today is a ballad filled with emotion but still focused on what Hammerfall do so well… which is heavy freaking metal music. Live Free or Die brings back the chest-thumping and bombastic sound before State of the W.I.L.D. sees Hammerfall create yet another anthemic blast of head-banging gold. The former’s guitar solo is particularly huge sounding.

A triumphant new album from Hammerfall comes to a close with one last hair-raising track in the form of No Mercy. A track that, unsurprisingly, is punchy and powerful. As the chant says… no mercy for you!

Hammerfall – Hammer of Dawn Full Track Listing:

1. Brotherhood
2. Hammer Of Dawn
3. No Son of Odin
4. Venerate Me
5. Reveries
6. Too Old to Die Young
7. Not Today
8. Live Free or Die
9. State Of the W.I.L.D.
10. No Mercy


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Hammerfall - Hammer of Dawn (Napalm Records)
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