Single Premiere: Sensoren – Catchin’ Feels

Sensoren’s new album Idiot Brain, releasing via Chameleons Risen, delivers an epic journey through ethereal melodies and razor sharp, heavy synths. Idiot Brain brings to life the raw realities of human existence in our modern world. From the driving rhythms, fast pace and increasing momentum of ‘Krankenwagen’ to the serene relaxation of ‘Salon Radio’, and the ghostly haunts of ‘Idiot Brain’, Sensoren exposes the vast array of emotions through electronics.

Idiot Brain represents the process of admitting your own limitations and learning to embrace them. The album skips across a variety of sounds and methodologies without settling on one for long, which is reflective of the sporadic and unfocused way I find myself moving through life. The range of moods and attitudes portray the repeated shift in my perspective on the world between bitter indignation and acceptance. It is an acknowledgment of my own insignificance persistently interrupted by a desperate need for control. This music is an attempt to bring these abstract and often malformed feelings into a concrete space.

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Now, Sensoren has released the second single from the new album. Called ‘Catchin’ Feels’, you can check it out below.

Sensoren had this to say about that the track:

’Catchin’ Feels’ is an exploration of the tedium of dealing with unwanted emotional responses. Slow, sharp, and heavy, it represents the grinding process of filtering out your own feelings to better understand yourself.

Based out of Philadelphia, Sensoren is the experimental brainchild of Mike Sorensen also known as the bassist in the metal band Existentia. The pillars of the project rose from over a decade of musical experiences influenced by everything from pop to avant-garde to extreme music, with the goal of creating sonically satisfying compositions that reflect the range of emotions defining our modern existence. With carefully crafted soundscapes the new album entices and holds the senses, soaring through immense pads and down into intense depths with thundering low bass tones. The danceability of Idiot Brain is punctuated with elements of tension, pain, frustration, and sadness—distilling human experience into assemblages of intangible frequencies and cathartic listening experiences.


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