Album Review: Gurt – Bongs Of Praise (When Planets Collide)

They take the blues and groove of 70s rock and drag it backwards through the swamps of Louisiana. This is not doom, this is not sludge: this is Gurt. The UK foursome’s wicked sense of humour bubbles at the surface of their latest release ‘Bongs of Praise’.

The self proclaimed ‘party doomers’ will release Bongs of Praise on September 6th 2019 via When Planets Collide.

Gurt might look to have fun but don’t think they’re a joke band. We were very impressed with 2017’s Skullossus and live, they’ve always been a treat. Bongs of Praise though might be their best release yet.

Kicking off with Dr. Strangeleaf, it’s a trippy intro that also sees Gurt step forth with some strong heavy hits of guitars and drums. It’s just an appetiser though to the main course that is Weed it and Weep. Huge riffs, devastating screamed vocals and an undercurrent of filthy Gurtiness.

This is the band we know and most of us love! Devastatingly heavy but deliciously easy to listen too. Especially as they always seem to be having a good time and when we get tracks like Rolling Stoned, The Joint of No Return and Jazz Cabbage it’s impossible to not be part of it.

Then we have the down-tuned guitars and Sabbath-like riffs of One Hit Wonder which will put a wry smile on the face. Or the muck that sticks to Marijuarmchair, a track designed to get high as a kite too.

Now don’t think that because they’ve got weed/stoner related titles and tongue in cheek lyrics that Gurt aren’t a band to take seriously though. Their brand of sludge/doom is devastatingly heavy and so satisfying. It will leave you in a hazy and dazed mood, maybe even a little hungry but with nothing but good feeling.

Gurt – Bongs of Praise Full Track Listing:

1. Dr Strangeleaf
2. Weed It and Weep
3. Rolling Stoned
4. Squidgy Black Slide
5. One Hit Wonder
6. The Joint of No Return
7. Gauze and Effect
8. Jazz Cabbage
9. Marijuarmchair
10. Bongs Of Praise


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Gurt - Bongs Of Praise (When Planets Collide)
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