Album Review: GosT – Valediction (Century Media Records)

Mysterious metal/synthwave artist GosT has announced his next album, Valediction. Valediction will be released on October 4th through Century Media Records.

GosT got his start as a musician as a teenager in metal bands, but slowly started to move towards the retro sound and synthwave electronics that eventually became the basis of his unique blend of genres.

If you didn’t know there was any kind of snyth-wave elements to GosT beforehand, the blazing fire of the black metal that comes forth from Relentless Passing would please even the most ‘trve’ of fans. It’s there though, in the background and ready to make itself present which it does in eerie goth fashion. The blending is good, not great but intriguing enough to encourage further listening.

Further listening that involves some serious variety. Wrapped in Wax gets a foot-tapping industrial beat going all while the vocals howl evilly. The deeper bass of the vocals in Dreadfully Pious echoes darkly although the electronica is somewhat lighter. Timeless Turmoil is initially black metal personified before taking an abrupt turn and Bloody Roses takes the synthy goth vibe to even higher levels.

It is good stuff. Different and fun but it’s going to divide opinion. Metal fans might not enjoy the heavy use of synth while electronica fans will be put off by the intense flashes of coldness.

The Call of the Faithful (Faithless) has a tougher task as it has no vocals but the thumping beat and groove excites. She Lives in Red Light (Devine) wouldn’t be out of place in an 80’s vampire horror like Fright Night. Whereas Ligature Marks could be the soundtrack to a kinky night in until the black metal howls appear out of nowhere.

Finally it’s Push and Severance to see out a fairly unique release. Both neither add much to the overall experience but certainly don’t detract from it either. The latter being the far superior of the two thanks to its moodier beat.

GosT – Valediction Full Track Listing:

1. Relentless Passing
2. Wrapped in Wax
3. Dreadfully Pious
4. Timeless Turmoil
5. Bloody Roses
6. The Call of the Faithful (Faithless)
7. She Lives in Red Light (Devine)
8. Ligature Marks
9. Push
10. Severance


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GosT - Valediction (Century Media Records)
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