Album Review: Godeater – Vespera (Self Released)

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Godeater continues to push all boundaries within heavy music and of death metal’s sonic potential in new and intriguing ways. They will release their highly anticipated new album ‘Vespera’ on the 30th of September 2022.

A huge and thrilling hit of modern death metal, Godeater made waves with their debut album, All Flesh Is Grass and three years later, it’s time for them to show their growth. Delivering a vicious blast of heavy intensity with Vespera, Godeater are certainly ‘in a mood’ if the noise that emanates from this album is anything to go by.

Kicking off the brutality with composure, Self-Surgery is a statement making track. The statement being one of unbridled death metal power and passion. A long and atmospheric introduction leading to a chaotic explosion of instrumentation. Where the blast beats are akin to hammer blows to the head and the vocals are intense enough to strip flesh from bone.

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Stompy, even more chaotic, dark, and with a touch of the ‘core’ about it, God Complex is one hell of a step up for Godeater. A scorching slice of infectious ruthlessness that is one of the best tracks on the album. Although, The Hatchet certainly gives it a run for its money as Godeater vary the tempo, get a little more extravagant, expand the cleaner vocal segments and attack with remarkable heaviness.

Fat of the Land then continues to build upon all the impressive elements that have made Vespera such a joy to listen to. Before Silhouette makes a deep impression with its switch from frantic death metal chaos to crawling, dark and doomy horror. Followed by the deep atmosphere and elaborate meatiness of the excellent Out of Body. Another top shelf track that really shows off the creativity of Godeater.

The penultimate track, Backwash bristles with death metal ferocity, Godeater barely holding it together for a raging showcase of their death metal quality. The album then wrapping up with a gargantuan hit of heavy with the thrilling Qualia. A beastly, excessive, and egregiously brutal closer that puts the final stomp in. Bone breaking and muscle tearing stuff.

Pay attention to Godeater. They’re something very special indeed.

Godeater – Vespera Full Track Listing:

1. Self-Surgery
2. God Complex
3. The Hatchet
4. Fat of the Land
5. Silhouette
6. Out of Body
7. Backwash
8. Qualia


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Godeater - Vespera (Self Released)
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