Album Review: Gideons Mob – Space Cadet Supernova (Self Released)

Progressive rock band Gideons Mob, whose name is taken from two of Comics legend Grant Morrisons characters Gideon Stargrave and King Mob, combine rock, metal, classical and jazz. Fusing it into a unique form reminiscent of the golden age of England’s progressive rock scene.

Their second album, a concept album about space travel called Space Cadet Supernova, was released in July 2020.



Aiming for the stars with a transcendent progressive release, Space Cadet Supernova does what it promises. Yet is still even weirder at times, such is the nature of progressive music and such is the nature of Gideons Mob.

If you’re looking for something energetic to start you off, you might be found wanting as Carnival of the Gods is a trippy and melodramatic opener. At times, it’s playful, at others it’s cosmically orientated, at others it’s just bizarre. However, it is incredibly striking, and it gets under the skin.

Such a fascinating start is built upon with the smooth and rich sounding pairing of Balance and Exposure. Where the chilled-out melodies, intricate effects and sharp sounds work with the sombre and sweet vocals. However, the latter’s touch of warble and distortion to the voice continues to highlight the unusual aspects of this album.

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Floating through galaxies, light and at peace; Taming of the Shrew sticks to the formula that has been set so far. Until about halfway through when a brief guitar flurry brings some energy as though gravity is momentarily taken hold.

A brief intermission, the recording known as Missing Flight Log, sets up the mammoth sized finale of Into the Shadowrealm. Gideons Mob stretching their progressive muscles to interstellar sizes for a profoundly detailed volume of broadminded music. Where colours become darker, the shade grows, and the shadows deepen. The astral effects of Gideons Mob sounding suitably less comforting.

Gideons Mob – Space Cadet Supernova Full Track Listing:

1. Carnival of the Gods
2. Balance
3. Exposure
4. Taming of the Shrew
5. Missing Flight Log
6. Into the Shadowrealm


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Gideons Mob - Space Cadet Supernova (Self Released)
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