Album Review: Ghost – Ceremony and Devotion (Loma Vista Recordings)

Recorded as part of their huge North American tour this year (2017), Ghost have released their first full length live album. Ceremony and Devotion is 15 tracks that showcase what a glittering & successful career the Swedish rock band have had so far.

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Choosing to focus heavily on the crowd as much as the music coming from the band is a smart move here as it fills the album with energy. You can hear those in attendance having a blast & it rubs off. On tracks like Square Hammer, From the Pinnacle to the Pit, Per Aspera Ad Inferi, Year Zero, He Is & Monstrance Clock, the crowd sound like they’re losing their mind. No big surprise as these are Ghost’s heavy hitters.

Papa Emeritus III doesn’t have a lot to say, choosing instead to let his singing do the talking. That he can perfectly deliver the same notes live as he can on record is testament to the man’s talent. The same goes for the band, sounding pitch perfect with just the right amount of live effects that mark this out as not just an attempt to release the same old songs.

There’s no short change here either, this really is a best of & will please Ghost fans around the world. If you’ve not had the opportunity to catch their exceedingly good live show yet then this is the next best thing. The likes of Ghuleh/Zombie Queen, Cirice, Mummy Dust & Ritual sounding utterly brilliant.

Like all live albums, this isn’t to win any new fans. It’s purely to give long-term fans a little extra Ghost and who doesn’t want that!?

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Ghost – Ceremony and Devotion Full Track Listing:

1. Square Hammer (Live)
2. From the Pinnacle to the Pit (Live)
3. Con Clavi Con Dio (Live)
4. Per Aspera Ad Inferni (Live)
5. Body and Blood (Live)
6. Devil Church (Live)
7. Cirice (Live)
8. Ghuleh/Zombie Queen (Live)
9. Year Zero (Live)
10. Spoksonst (Live)
11. He Is (Live)
12. Mummy Dust (Live)
13. Absolution (Live)
14. Ritual (Live)
15. Monstrance Clock (Live)

Check it out yourself via Apple Music below.

Ghost - Ceremony and Devotion (Loma Vista Recordings)
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